Do Not Baptize Registry
The Mormon Church (officially known as The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) takes it upon themselves to baptize everyone, that isn’t already a Mormon, into the Mormon faith after they die. They do this by physically baptizing a living person in the name of the deceased.

This site is for those that do not wish this service to be performed after they die.
This site does not represent the Mormon Church so we cannot guarantee that those wishing that this service not be performed will have their desires granted. We are merely gathering a large list of names to submit to the Mormon Church to humbly ask that these baptisms not take place.

The Mormon Church has, somewhat reluctantly, granted this exemption to the Jewish Holocaust victims. We merely ask for the same exemption from having this service performed on our behalf.
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The Jewish people were very upset when they found out that the Mormons were baptizing the dead Jews so they could get into heaven. Imagine how the Muslims will feel when they find out that they are also being baptized by the Mormons in their temples?

This isn’t a hate site. We have nothing against Mormons or any other religious group. We support freedom of religion but we also support freedom FROM religion. We don’t mind Mormons prosetlyzing to our homes and asking us if we want to learn more about their church but when we say “No”, we mean “No”. We don’t mean, “Not now, please make us members of your church after we die.
And it's not just baptisms...
Why this site?
But can't you just reject the baptism if you don't want it?
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