The baptism is just the first step. After the ‘gentile’ is baptized into the Mormon Church, then the temple endowment ceremonies are performed for all those people newly baptized by name into the Mormon Church.

As the Mormons consider the temple endowment rituals sacred and secret, we won’t divulge the somewhat bizarre details here as we are not a religious hate group, we merely don’t want to have these ordinances performed for us without our permission.

Of course some Mormons have left Mormonism and told outsiders everything that goes on in the Mormon temples so merely googling ‘Mormon temple ceremony’ will likely give you as much information as you want on the Mormon temple rituals.

Also the Mormon Temple Ceremonies have a lot in common with Masonry and those rituals are also freely available on the Internet.
And it's not just baptisms the Mormons perform for you when you die.