Why is this site even necessary?
The following stories show why many people believe they must take action to prevent the Mormons from performing cermonies for them against their wishes:

I took the Mormon missionary discussions from some nice, young men that knocked on my door. I genuinely liked these people and I had thought long and hard about joining a church that produced such fine, young men. However, after carefully study, I elected not to join their faith. The missionaries were very disappointed but were still very cordial. When they were leaving for the final time, one of them said something like I would join eventually whether in this life or the next. I asked him what he meant and he said that in their temples they will eventually baptize everyone that ever lived into their faith. The other young man didn’t seem to appreciate that his companion told me that but he confirmed that is what they do in their temples. Apparently everyone that dies is baptized into the Mormon faith, as soon as one year after they die.

This outraged me. What right do they have to do this? Just because I didn’t want to join their church, they are going to baptize me a member of their church anyway when I die? I had a former Mormon friend provide me with accurate information to help me develop this site to try to prevent the baptism and temple endowment ceremonies performed for me and others that don't wish it.
I almost joined the LDS (Mormon) Church. When it looked like I was going to become a Latter-day Saint, my mother, who knew a fair amount about the Mormon Church, said that if I ever joined it that she would not want me to do her ‘temple work’ for her. She said that she was baptized a Catholic, lived her whole life as a Catholic and that’s the way she wanted to see her Maker – as a good, faithful Catholic. She did not want to be baptized as a Mormon after she died. I respected what she said and agreed with it. Although I liked the Mormons I knew, I never did make that church my own as I wanted to know everything about the temple before I joined and they said I couldn't learn the details of the temple ceremony until after I got baptized and was a member for one year. I thought that was ludicrous - why would they not tell me everything before I joined? What were they hiding? I could not join an organization that kept such secrets from new members. I also was upset that they would not respect my mothers wishes and would perform temple work for her when she specifically said she didn't want it.

It was not until years later that I found out what they were hiding. The Mormon temple ceremony is all about teaching people secret handshakes and passwords that they actually believe God requires you to know before he'll allow you to get into heaven. What's even stranger is that the secret handshakes are the same ones the Freemasons use in their rituals.