Can't you just reject the temple work?
Many Mormons write me and say that my protests are unnecessary as everyone is free to reject these temple ceremonies and they aren't hurting anyone. Well, Iíve asked several Mormons if they would mind having their specific names being initiated into the Church of Satan. They all said NO, because Ďthatís differentí, they donít agree with Satanism. Well, many people donít agree with Mormonism. It really depends upon the ceremony doesnít it? And since the Mormon Church is very secretive about what exactly goes on in their temples, how can we possibly agree to something that they wonít give us details about?
It desecrates the names and memories of those who would object if they could. To me it's like spitting on a grave or claiming someone was a ditch digger in life when they were a teacher or an artist. Proclaiming the dead are now Mormon is arrogant and very disrespectful of those who chose to be Jewish, Christian, or Atheist.

It's very arrogant to say that the Pope, Mother Teresa and the Jewish Holocaust victims cannot get into heaven without the help of the Mormons and their temples. God will decide who gets into heaven and I don't think he'll require a Mormon temple ritual to allow good people into his presence.
The Catholic Church rejects Mormon baptisms as valid. But do you see the Catholic Church 'baptizing' Mormons and others they consider to not have valid baptisms into the Catholic Church when they die? It would be ridiculous if all the other churches felt the need to perform ordinances after people die so they can be saved.