Click on the email address at the bottom of this page and send an email saying that you do not wish to be baptized or have temple ordinances performed using your name by the Mormon Church after you die.

Although Mormons will baptize people with as little information as possible (Mohammed was baptized by the Mormons with only his name being known as he lived many centuries ago), generally they require full name, birthdate and location. They will use whatever other public information they can obtain as well.

Please only submit whatever information you are comfortable sharing. Celebrity names and fake-sounding names will not be added to the list.

After a sufficient quantity of names is provided, we will deliver the following information with all the names to the Mormon Church:

This is a sincere plea to please not baptize the following individuals or perform any temple ceremony rituals using their names in any manner whatsoever. The attached individuals do hereby acknowledge that we absolutely refuse to allow The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon) to baptize or perform any temple ordinances using our names. We fully acknowledge what we are doing and do hereby give up any blessings that this entitles us to have as members of the Mormon Church. If God wants us to be baptized into the Mormon Church then we reserve the right to have him tell us that personally. In absence of that, we do not give our permission to baptize or have any temple ordinances performed on our behalf. Since the LDS Church has granted the baptism exemption to the Jewish Holocaust victims, we do hereby request this same exemption. Please grant our request.
To submit your name for baptism exemption
Privacy Note: You have our pledge any information provided will not be sold or given to anyone else other than to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon) for the sole purpose of requesting that they not perform vicarious baptisms and other temple ordinances for you when you are deceased.